Dash-1 Emperor

Hi... Another busy weekend ahead. But I have something for you. It's my new paper model of Dash-1 Emperor. Dash-1 Emperor is the first machine that Yonkurou Hinomaru used in manga and anime titled Dash! Yonkuro. This is a mini 4WD 1:32-sized race car model without remote control. It called mini 4WD because all four rubber-tired wheels are driven. Though mostly popular in Asia, they have also been sold in the United States.

This will be the first model of the Dash! Yonkuro Series. Please let me know if you've made it. I will be happier if you can send me the photos of assambled model.

In a few days, I will prepare for the instruction files. If you're gonna make it without instructions, it's not a problem, just download it from the link below.

Download HERE.

Pass : ichinogami

Click Here to see the Instructions
Click Here to see Finished Model.

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  1. t_art said...:

    sukses nih..nyuri ilmunya bro..
    gua bikin ah..download dulu bro..

  1. Ichinogami said...:


    silahkann... :D :D :D

  1. Anonymous said...:

    great work !!!
    Greatings (owner from www.mini-4wd.de) :)

  1. gimana nih sudah di donlot mahu buka nya ada pasword pula nih T_T

  1. siapa yg boleh mendonlotnya sharing please send et me email > lagenda8069@gmail.com please

  1. Opik Ijo said...:

    boleh diganti warna ngga?

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