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Hi All.
I was very happy because my friends on the Internet greeted well for my blog, especially my friends with the same hobby with me, paper modeling. Now i want to make a review some of my friend's blogs.

First site is On this site, you can find a lot of international and local paper models . The owner is my friend, Julius. Until now, hundreds of paper models issued by julius on his website. He even added some additional links, such as the model directory, gallery, and online store of paper models equipment.

Model directory contains free paper models that comes from the Internet. From simple to very complex models, and it's all free. In his online store, it sells equipment for making paper models. But purchasing is only done in my country, Indonesia. Some equipment that he sells like pen-type cutter / cutter Stylo, cutting mat A4 and A3 sizes, scissors, and also various types of paper. Perhaps the time will come, Julius can sell worldwide.

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