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Hi all.

Now I want to share some tips on assembling paper models, especially models that I designed. For this time, it's about the tools.

1. Sharp cutter and Scoring tools
Highly recommended to use a small-tipped cutter like pen-type cutter or Cutter Stylo because it will make it easier to cut small sections and also cut a curves.
Some of paper modelers use tools when it comes to score the paper. It can make your paper scores smoothly . I used the tip of cutter for scoring paper models. Some of my friends used empty ballpoint pen or dull blades.

2. Flat surface
Many people use their own desk or a pile of paper for cutting surface. Of course it can damage the table. Or maybe some of you are wearing a glass for cutting surface? Glass can cause the end of the cutter becomes dull. The recommended surface is the Cutting Mat that made of special rubber and resistant to scratches. Cutting Mat is good for making paper models, and of course, keep your table durable.

3. Ruler or straight edge
Ruler is used to cut a straight line long enough. If it's not too long, you can cut it without a ruler. In using a ruler, you should be noted that the location of the cutter must be perpendicular to the base, not tilted or too rested to the ruler.

4. Scissor
Scissors is not recommended and used only at emergency state, especially if the cutter can't be used. For example at the time you wanted to cut the oversized flap from the half-assembled-model.

5. White PVA glue
My favorite glue for paper models. White PVA glue is transparent when it was dry. Another thing about this glue, it's water based so it can absorb enough on paper. But be careful, if too much, the glue can make the paper wrinkle.

6. Tweezers
Tweezers used to hold small parts as well as folding and gluing, because not every part of paper model is big enough for our fingers :D

If you wan't to start making papermodels, you should have the tools above. If you don't have it yet, please check my e-store. But unfortunately, it's available only on Indonesia. :)

Peralatan Paper Model MURAH

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