Hobikit Kertas and DOTA models

Continuing my review about my friend's sites, I want to talk about one of my designs trainer. Besides in love with paper models, love to eat, he was also love to playing games, especially online game. His name is Arif Suseno. He made the site named hobikitkertas.com.

On this site, you will find many paper models of game, such as Gundam and DOTA. In addition, there are also some military models such as Warhammer Tank and other types of tanks. Especially for DOTA, Arif even create his own sub-domain to download DOTA models. In our last exhibition, many teenagers are enthusiastic about the DOTA, even when they saw the paper models, they are more enthusiastic again to assemble it.
Until now, I'm still learning to make paper models from Arif every weekends (and make my GF mad.. LOL).

Clik here to go to hobikitkertas.com

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