On Progress, Goggle V: GoggleTANK

Some of my friend keep pushing me to finish the Goggle V Robot. I'm working slower this week because the holiday. :D

Sorry guys to keep you waiting. This is my progress.

It will be available (maybe) on next week. :)

Goggle V : Dump Truck Instuctions

This is the instructions to Transformable Dump Truck of Goggle V. As usual, to enlarge it, just click.


Please enjoy.

Goggle V Robot Paper Model Released

JAPAN 1982 : The Fourth Super Sentai Series. It got the highest ratings of all sentai (up to 1988).
Dr. Hongou, founder of the Future Science Laboratory, confirms that Deathdark has begun its nefarious activities at Wolfborg Castle in Germany. Attacked by Deathdark, he is saved by Akama Ken'ichi and returns to Japan, where he has the Comboyputer select five people, including Akama, to become the Great Task Force Goggle V. (-supersentai-)

This paper model is made for fans of the classic robots. Including me. :D The good news is, this paper models can also transform from vehicle to robot. For the first part (of three parts), I give you Goggle V : Dump Car.

Download Here.
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On Progress :

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